Birdie Sanders Day

My husband nearly died of a massive coronary on my birthday 3/3/17. He was admitted to our local hospital’s Cardiac Unit 3/2 for chest pain, was on a nitroglycerin drip over night.

     The next day at 6am, he experienced excruciating chest pain, the classic text book symptom described as “Feels like an elephant just sat on my chest.”
     Now we going through cardiac rehab together and visiting the cardiologist. We love this doctor. He is a vegan and we have already begun a plant based life style changing diet. Apparently most of his patients are terrified of giving up meat, more terrified of that than dying of a heart attack.
     Tom’s Cardiac Rehab is covered 100% by Medicare. We want everyone to have Medicare. Now that Trump’s health bill collapsed, (Matt Bruenig describes this well),  Medicare for all Universal Health care is the only replacement worth implementing.
     We can’t accept no for an answer. The Corporate Dems want to preserve and improve Obamacare. This is not possible because the Health Insurance Lobby is more concerned with their stock holdings than they are with We The People’s health.
    We must fight for health care for all people. Pennsylvania did an economic impact study showing billions of dollars will be saved by implementing Single Payer.
     California is introducing a Single Payer bill called SB 562, and if and when it passes, we will all have this state by state. It is only a matter of time.
     Bernie Sanders announced on Birdie Sanders day, the day a year ago when a little birdie landed on Bernie’s podium during a huge rally in Portland Oregon, that he will be introducing a Medicare For All Bill to congress in a matter of days.
     Let us not “Resist” mindlessly. Let us pick an issue close to our heart and “Persist.” Let’s face it, giving up meat is the best thing we can do for the heart of our planet. That action alone would reverse the Climate Crisis. But that is a topic for another day.