Dealing With Politics

As the new health care bill is being considered for passage, notice the conspicuous absence of women, as these politicians attempt to drop the ax on women’s healthcare, maternity care, maternity leave and reproductive freedom.

 Politics is a reality of our outer lives. We deal with politics in the workplace where hopefully we work out differences for the higher good of the organization.

We encounter politics in our churches, in healthcare settings, at tax time every year, at animal hospitals, in the voting booth.

If we practice cheerfulness and kindness in all our endeavors, we bring our own brand of spirituality to these daily encounters.

I will be reflecting on the convergence of spirituality and politics on this blog. Where does one end and the other begin? 

Do they flow together?

When the two are separate, do we suffer the consequences?

Are there consequences?

Are these challenges remedied when politics of any situation and spirit are integrated once again?

Politics in Washington appears to be devoid of all spiritual connection, of light or transformation. The right wing takeover of America has been happening for many years. Trump is the culmination of a political climate that ceased to care about the people of America.

I’ve come to believe this, especially in light of the recent cabinet picks, the healthcare bill, budget cuts and overall cold hearted approach to all who live in America, except for the Billionaire class.

As this post goes to press, the healthcare bill died without a vote.

Paul Ryan stated in his press conference a few hours ago: “Obamacare is the law of the land.”

To Be Continued…..

2 thoughts on “Dealing With Politics”

  1. It is a sad reality that there seems to be little care for the poor or average person in the polilitics of today. The new health bill they wanted to force down our throats was an abomination that would have hurt millions. The only one in either party who has our back is Bernie Sanders

    1. Bernie is the only true politician by and for the people. He obviously will be the topic of many posts on this blog!! Thanks Samantha!

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