Near Death Experience

No War, No Nukes, Peace On Earth.

The full moon in Libra is gorgeous, tonight. Mercury is also retrograde, so communication between people is potentially off the mark, among other things. Trump is bombing Syria. We may be about to embark on an atomic age of annihilation.

Nuclear war has always freak me out. H. A. Goodman’s new article describes the dangers well. My husband almost died from a massive coronary a month ago. Now he goes into Atrial Fib whenever I bring up political topics.

Tonight on the way to work, I came within a hair of a head on collision. I gunned it and avoided instant death. I am sure I would have either died, the other persons would have died, or we all would have been maimed and wish we had died.

But we were spared.

The veil for me was lifted. I felt the protective embrace of otherworldly entities envelop me.

American involvement in all these wars is dangerous for every person on the planet. This is why we must – everyone – you and I – take the responsibility to touch our own source of inner strength. I am back to doing Kriya Yoga every day. I credit this practice for saving my life and the lives of everyone in the other car. The fact I was in Trump country means the other vehicle undoubtedly carried a trumpster or two. This means as we almost collided in space  and time, in that moment, we transcended barriers and differences.

My husband and I both looked death straight in the eye all within a five-week period. Now as I go about my evening, feeling the power of lunar effects, enjoying a mild evening, I know that after the ecstasy, it’s time to get back to the business of preparing food, doing wash, cleaning house and focusing on simple pleasures.

We must call on the help of angelic influences, of wisdom, of love in these times of stark reality is.

We must seek out common ground. We must break bread together and pray for the sanity to heal our planet.