Intercepted by The Mother Of All Bombs

The Mother Of All Bombs Killed Women and Children and Radicalized Untold Numbers To Join Isis.

Investigative Journalist Jeremy Scahill, author of Dirty Wars and Black Water, has a new Podcast totally worth subscribing to. The name of the podcast is Intercepted.

This week, Jeremy dedicated the whole hour to the Syria crisis. It starts out with Brian Williams drooling over America’s “beautiful weapons.” These media shills are not asking for evidence for why the  bombing of Syria is necessary. Brian Williams is proof positive of that missed opportunity.

Jeremy interviewed Dennis Kucinich. Dennis explained his trip to Syria with Tulsi Gabbart, congresswoman from Hawaii, and an earlier visit Dennis made to Syria to speak with Bashar al-Assad. Presently, Tulsi is the only congressperson to ask for research into the reasons to bomb Syria. Suddenly, the Corporate Democrats are siding with Trump after vilifying him for weeks leading up to the Tomahawk strike. Now these same democrats have dropped the “Russia Russia Russia” neo- McCarthy narrative.

Jeremy also interviewed a Syrian man who lived with his family in Canada prior to the 911 attacks. After 911, he was kidnapped and detained at a US airport, taken back to Syria, where he was tortured by Assad’s Agents.

Asked if there should be a regime change in Syria, his answer was double edged: he both opposes Assad, and the US Intervention. 

Now that Trump is emboldened by his popular Tomahawk cruise missile attack, he dropped the so-called “Mother Of All Bombs” on what the Trump administration wants you all to believe is an Isis target in Afghanistan. This just happened today. 

As usual, the media elites are frothing at the mouth. Has the world gone mad?

Josh Fox, anti-fracking activist and filmmaker, said this bomb is in reality a carpet bomb, “designed to inflict massive casualties.”

Here is Josh and Tim Black discussing this crime against humanity, as well as Josh’s new film, on the Tim Black At Night Show:

A Real Antiwar Movement

Love Is The Spirit Of Aloha

One of my friends recently told me that the biggest Antiwar Movement in America happened during WW1, led mostly by women. 

In this exact moment in time, becoming an Antiwar activist entails becoming a lie detector. We automatically separate the wheat from the chaff. Anyone who joins the movement is repelled by neocons and neo liberals. We can’t be hoodwinked by the Corporate democrats who are faux appalled by the immigrant ban, yet support Trumps bombing airfields with tomahawks on April 6 and beyond.

Hillary Surrogates like Howard Dean and Neera Tanden are calling for Tulsi Gabbard, member of Hawaii Congress,  to step down because she is anti war and against regime change. Tulsi is on the right side of history. She is an Iraq War Veteran. She has seen the consequences of war and wants to be sure others won’t have to.

Here are some of her recent tweets:




Tulsi Gabbard was a Bernie Sanders Surrogate and is highly revered amongst his supporters. We hope she will run in 2020 for President.

If she does, Trump will lose. If a Corporate Dem is chosen to run in the ilk of the Clintons, or Clinton herself, Trump will win.

Meanwhile, let us join together and with Tulsi to resist all war. We will sleep better at night if we do.

Near Death Experience

No War, No Nukes, Peace On Earth.

The full moon in Libra is gorgeous, tonight. Mercury is also retrograde, so communication between people is potentially off the mark, among other things. Trump is bombing Syria. We may be about to embark on an atomic age of annihilation.

Nuclear war has always freak me out. H. A. Goodman’s new article describes the dangers well. My husband almost died from a massive coronary a month ago. Now he goes into Atrial Fib whenever I bring up political topics.

Tonight on the way to work, I came within a hair of a head on collision. I gunned it and avoided instant death. I am sure I would have either died, the other persons would have died, or we all would have been maimed and wish we had died.

But we were spared.

The veil for me was lifted. I felt the protective embrace of otherworldly entities envelop me.

American involvement in all these wars is dangerous for every person on the planet. This is why we must – everyone – you and I – take the responsibility to touch our own source of inner strength. I am back to doing Kriya Yoga every day. I credit this practice for saving my life and the lives of everyone in the other car. The fact I was in Trump country means the other vehicle undoubtedly carried a trumpster or two. This means as we almost collided in space  and time, in that moment, we transcended barriers and differences.

My husband and I both looked death straight in the eye all within a five-week period. Now as I go about my evening, feeling the power of lunar effects, enjoying a mild evening, I know that after the ecstasy, it’s time to get back to the business of preparing food, doing wash, cleaning house and focusing on simple pleasures.

We must call on the help of angelic influences, of wisdom, of love in these times of stark reality is.

We must seek out common ground. We must break bread together and pray for the sanity to heal our planet.

The Tim Black Show

Broken Carpenter and Tim Black at DNC in Philly.

I love Independent Media. I outlined all the shows I love on another blog post. I no longer watch CNN, MSNBC or Fox News. However, even Fox covered Bernie Sanders more in the primary than CNN or MSNBC combined. We cancelled our cable after the Democratic Convention. I also left the Democratic Party at that time.

Last night’s Freedom Friday Show, created by Tim Black of Tim Black TV dot com, was one I had the opportunity to watch. I texted my friend Lori to watch, too. I will post the show at the end of this post.

Naturally, the topic throughout the night was Syria, and people’s various perspectives on the situation. Each person offered a different take, and there were many callers last night. 

Tim offers a gift to his supporters and listeners with all his shows, but Freedom Friday in particular is a sounding board for people who could easily fall into a deep depression over the state of the world, if not for this venue for expression. The only thing Tim requires is: No Hate Speech. If a caller resorts to this, Tim immediately cuts them off.

Tim delivers short videos on the news of the day each day. On Monday nights, Tim and HA Goodman present “No Sell Outs.” Tuesday and Thursday nights, Tim interviews progressives who make a difference in the American political sphere. Freedom Friday is a culmination of everything he presented throughout that week. 

Tim exudes an aura of goodwill and honesty. Sometimes what he has to say is painful, but he is a truth teller, as he often says about his approach to politics, and life itself. 

Here is a repeat of last night’s show:


Resurrecting the Antiwar Movement

Peace On Earth

What is the difference between starting a war with Syria and Russia by an easily triggered buffoon and a well seasoned neo-liberal/neocon (Hillary)?

None whatsoever.

Starting a war without doing research is what amateurs do. Starting war at all is what bloodthirsty greedy politicians do.

We need a third-party in America that represents peace, not war.

In the Trump rally’s leading up to the election, Trump magnetized his supporters with these words. Many voted for him based on these sentiments:

“We will pursue a new foreign-policy that finally learns from the mistakes of the past. We will stop looking to topple regimes, and overthrow governments. Our goal is stability not chaos.

“In our dealings with other countries, we will seek shared interest where-ever possible and pursue a new era of peace, understanding and goodwill.” Donald Trump 12/1/2016

Trump campaigned against the kind of intervention he launched last night, thus betraying his supporters and indeed Trumpism itself.

So when we hit the streets to protest this latest atrocity, expect to stand side-by-side with a few hundred or thousand Trump supporters. 

It’s time to build bridges with the truth.