Waking Up

Let Sleeping Dogs Lie
     I was meditating to one of Diana Lang’s meditations on sound cloud, and something she said struck me.
     She said sometimes a person goes to sleep because miracles, like birth or death are not appearing in that person’s experience.
     Then I thought about all the births I am privileged and have been privileged to attend these last 15 years.
     I am saddened to see nurses who become jaded by these experiences: birth, the joy of communing with patients, death, the miracle of life in all its gory details.
     Why do I continue doing what I do? Birth confronts the great mystery of life. Where do these beings come from, what will their lives be like? How will these beings survive all the sorrows and joys in this lifetime?
     In reality, each of us lives many lifetimes in this seemingly one lifetime we find ourselves in now.
     Who I was a 20 is now a figment of my imagination.
     Yet my soul remains changeless, eternal and intact.
     “Your own Self-realization
is the greatest service you
can render the world.”
–Ramana Maharshi
     This is the key to living the great mystery of birth, death and everything in between.
     Who am I? Who are you?
     The answer to these questions heals our separation with the great divine intelligence who created everything we see, experience and love in this reality.
     Don’t allow politics or Trump or human suffering separate you from the Love always available with each breath of appreciation.
     Seek self-realization for the good of the world.

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