Are Democrats for Voters or Donors?

Here is Ammon Hennacy, close family friend.

     We can decry Trump forever but until and unless the Democrats get with the program in alignment with working people and struggling masses, Trump will win again.

     Only Bernie Sanders is addressing this issue, along with my favorite independent media sources, outlined on this recent post. I forgot to add Lee Camp of Redacted Tonight.

     The oligarchy and plutocracy is in control here in the USA. This means the 1% wants to take our freedoms and money away to make themselves richer. They’ve already essentially done this for decades in the making. Trump is a symptom of this phenomenon.

     Would the corporate democrats rather lose to Trump than win with a progressive democrat? Seems so, at great expense to a democracy existing in name only.

     Freedom lies at the heart of these questions. When our family friend Ammon Hennacy was imprisoned for not paying the WW1 war tax, he came to a vital realization: freedom lies in the heart, mind and soul of the individual. 

     The warden was a controlling individual and disturbed Ammon’s ability to be at peace within himself. When he had his awakening, he forgave the warden. Suddenly, the warden and Ammon could communicate on a human level. 

     What about the democrats? Here is Jimmy Dore going on a classic rant against the Corporate Democrats:

4 thoughts on “Are Democrats for Voters or Donors?”

  1. That rant will drive wedges as deep as corporate control. Is that dude willing to confront Keith or Bernie with kind of logic? I would say people like Jimmy D. with that attitude are the antithesis of the title of this site regardless of the subject matter.

  2. the democratic party, has been paying tribute to the oligarchy and the plutocracy since the conception of the centrist agenda. it has consistently provided us with the continual mantra of change, and change continued to happen-but it was change for the worse. in the next six months, if the democratic party does not admit the error of it’s way, and start representing the working people of this nation, it will self destruct into the demolition party.

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